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Strawberry Blow Job

A sweet treat combining strawberry and coffee flavors that will get you both buzzed and fat.


1 oz. Strawberry Syrup
1 oz. Kahlua
2 ozs. Bailey's Irish Cream
3 ozs. Cream, or Half'N Half
  Whipped Cream


Pour the Strawberry Syrup into the glass and rotate on it's side to coat the sides of the glass.

Pour the Kahlua into the glass.

Pour the Bailey's Irish Cream over the back of a spoon into the glass.

Pour the Cream or Half'N Half over the back of the spoon into the glass.

Top with Whipped Cream.

Serve with a sipping straw to extract all the flavors from the layers.


Originally served in a shot glass that was then engulfed by one's lips, lifted, then one's head thrown back to empty it into the mouth and then the all important swallowed in its entirety.  Hence the name.

I discovered this when I saw National Kahlua Day and National Strawberry Day both fell on February 27 when I was scheduled to have guests over.

Other Information:

Source: My version inspired by a "shot" drink on the internet made with grenadine instead of strawberry syrup.

Preparation: 0:05
Total: 0:10

Yield: 7 ounces
Servings: 1

Nutrition Facts per Serving:
546 Calories
30g Fat (57.3% calories from fat)
4g Protein
46g Carbohydrate
0g Dietary Fiber
74mg Cholesterol
82mg Sodium.

Exchanges per Serving:
4 1/2 Fat.

Rainbow Line

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