The Healthy My Ass Cookbook

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Appetizer Recipes

Includes hors d'oeuvres, dips and any finger foods served for snacking

Alfredo Carbonara Peppers Peppers stuffed with parmesan cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Bourbon Hot Dogs Appetizer hot dogs in a sweet bourbon flavored tomato sauce.

Bourbon Maple Glazed Wings Sticky rich wings that are not as sweet as you might guess.

Cheddar Bacon Pecan Spread A delicious cracker topping that is difficult to stop eating.

Cheese Ball Delicious cheddar cheese ball rolled in pecans.

Chicken Quesadillas Crispy flour tortillas stuffed with spicy chicken and cheese.

Chinese Chicken Wings Chicken Wings roasted with Chinese sauces

Clam Dip A tomato based saucy dip with clams.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Like the Hot Crab Dip, only stuffed in mushroom caps and topped with bread crumbs.

Epicurean Escargot Snails draped in flaky phyllo pastry, optionally in mushrooms.

Garlic Dip A garlic lover's favorite with chips or raw vegetables.

Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings Less messy garlic and ranch dressing flavored crispy chicken wings.

Garlic and Parmesan Chicken Wings Spicy hot wings with garlic and parmesan you'll think were deep fried.

Gourmet Deviled Eggs Wonderfully rich deviled eggs garnished with caviar.

Guacamole An avocado based dip great with tortilla chips.

Guacamole Deviled Eggs A Mexican twist to the classic deviled eggs for a change of pace.

Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings Sweet wings broiled then cooked in a slow cooker with honey and barbecue sauce.

Honey Chicken Wings A caramelized honey chicken wing appetizer.

Hot Crab Dip My twist on the Crab Stuffed Mushrooms without the mushrooms and bread crumbs.

Hot Feta Spinach Artichoke Dip Or as my friend calls it, Hot Feta Spinach Artery Choking Heart Attack Dip.

Lemon Butter Wings Chicken wings grilled or roasted covered in a sweet and sour lemon sauce.

Maryland Style Crab Cakes The right blend of flavors to remind me of what I first had in Maryland.

Mexican Layer Dip Delicious combination of Mexican foods and flavors in layers

Oven Sesame Wings Roasted chicken wings with a delicious sesame seed coating

Parmesan Artichoke Hearts Simple, yet delicious.

Poor Man's Pâté formerly known as Braunschweiger Cheese Ball

Reuben Dip Everything inside the bread of a Reuben sandwich in a dip/spread for rye crackers.

Sausage Cheese Ball Appetizers A classic appetizer of baked balls of dough infused with cheese and sausage.

Shrimp Dip A warm cheesy shrimp dip served with crackers.

Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread A smokey spicy cheese spread.

Smoked Salmon Ball A delicious smoked salmon cheese ball to be spread on crackers.

Spicy Shrimp Dip A spicy cold shrimp dip great with crackers.

THE Cheese Ball An arrogant yet tasty addictive cheese ball or disc.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings Sweet wings broiled then cooked in a slow cooker with teriyaki sauce.

Tortilla Roll-Ups Tortilla cream cheese pinwheels with peppers, olives and onions

Rainbow Line

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