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Deb, at my farewell in my Colorado home. (Mouse over picture to enlarge.)

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Deb Price

Cherished Friend and Ally

I first met Deb Price in 1980 when we both worked for AT&T, although her last name was Kwiatkowski back then, so I think right away we bonded over equally difficult last names.  Later I learned that she was already an intimate friend of another AT&T friend of mine, Art Price.  I was honored in 1987 when they asked me to sing their wedding and I was so thrilled to do it.

Since we met while I was still closeted, I usually remember that moment I came out to such individuals.  But I can not recall doing so with Deb, which is probably a testament to her.  I do remember it was a non-issue for her that changed nothing, which is probably why I have no recollection of the moment.  Yet I always knew  it was a big deal for her when presented with an opportunity to act as an ally on my behalf.  She had my back.

I have many fond memories with Deb, concerts, skiing, dinners, parties, cooking and recipes, helping her kill time while recovering from her hip surgeries, staying at their home when I returned to visit, but mostly just hanging out, or mellowing out, if that does not date us.  Our friendship survived my move to St. Louis with her and Art being the first to visit me here.  I am so glad I had an opportunity to visit with her just weeks before her passing.  I will miss her.


Other Information:

Born January 2, 1958.

Died November 22, 2014.  Survived by her husband Art, her step son Mark and his children, and by her mother.

Rainbow Line

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