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Here's the stuff that doesn't fit in any of the other five categories.

Well even though the Computing page is still pretty much empty,
I did come up with something that only seemed to belong here.

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My Boulder Home

When I tell someone about the home I designed and built in Boulder, I find I would like to be able to refer them to the web site I designed to sell that home, as that was a great representation of it.  So I've reconstructed the web site sort of as a memorial to it.

My St. Louis Home

Several people, especially those who had been to my Boulder home, have been curious about and asked to see pictures of its replacement in St. Louis.  I created this web page, modeled after the web page I created to sell my Boulder home (see above), to represent my new home.  Since this home afforded me early retirement and since I hope it is the last home I have to acquire, I affectionately refer to it as My Final Resting Place. 


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