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Left Quotes The Russians would like nothing more than to bring down this experiment in democracy called the United States of America and they apparently have decided that the easiest way to do it is to get as many Republicans elected as they can. Right Quotes

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Recent Changes:

1/24/24 My, hasn't 2024 gotten off to a good start regarding adding new recipes.  I added Honey Pecan Triangles to the Cookies chapter.
1/13/24 After a long hiatus, I had a very busy holiday season of trying new recipes, many of which turned out to be worthy of this here website thingy.
I added the Caramelized Onion Dip recipe to the Appetizers recipes,
I added the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake and Java Chip Ice Cream recipes to the Desserts recipes,
and finally I added the Au Gratin Potatoes, Caramelized Onions and Lyonnaise Potatoes recipes to the Vegetables recipes.

Past Quotes:

Left Quotes Show me a business that refuses to serve ANY sinners and I will agree they are not discriminating but instead acting on seriously held religious beliefs.  Of course then I'll also show you a business without any customers or a prayer at succeeding. Right Quotes

Left Quotes It is only a violation of free speech when the person facing adverse consequences said something I would have said. Right Quotes

Left Quotes Marriage equality opponents say the recent SCOTUS decisions were not wins for the gays because the courts did not grant them a nation wide fundamental right to marriage.  So while I do not begrudge them their spin, here's something that needs no spin...they lost.  I don't care if they recognize our winning so long as they are clearly losing. Right Quotes

Left Quotes We all know that Republican men have totally alienated gay men and now they are alienating women with their war on women.  At this rate they're not going to have anyone left willing to fuck'em. Right Quotes

Left Quotes I believe in the separation of church and hate. Right Quotes

Comedienne and actress Ruth Buzzi.

Left Quotes Yes I am celebrating, not the killing of Osama bin Laden,
but rather his inability to ever again be a purveyor of terror,
and that we finally made that so. Right Quotes

Left Quotes Easy Budget/Deficit Solution: End tax exempt status for churches.  Why should atheists have to pay higher taxes because churches are not paying anything?  This would make two improvements to the country in one easy solution. Right Quotes

Left Quotes My suggestion for Sarah Palin: Next time you go hunting, invite Dick Cheney to go with you. Right Quotes

Left Quotes I will defend your right to say what you want, but that doesn't mean that I will not oppose what you choose to say. Right Quotes

Left Quotes Some are asking whether tax payers should spend 25 to 30 million dollars to retry Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. I think all tax payers should be asking why ANY trial costs 25 to 30 million dollars. Right Quotes

Left Quotes I'm so glad they finally got that oil leak stopped.
Now I can get that Hummer I've been putting off. Right Quotes

Left Quotes How come our government kowtows to anti-abortion citizens' demand that neither theirs nor any tax dollars go to legal abortions, yet dismisses anti-war citizens' demand that at least their tax dollars not go to funding war?  Aren't both perceived by each as a matter of life and death? Right Quotes

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